Juju Journal
This is a free, private online journal, designed around what *I* wanted in an online journal. Hopefully there are other people who wanted the same thing. :-)
Gambia is Good
As a pro-bono project I built an order form for a charity in Africa. You click on vegetables and they are added to your order. Please don't actually submit any orders, they only deliver locally!
I built the puzzle generator for this. It turned out that the puzzle generation algorithm was more complex than the logic to solve them.
A Javascript Quiz
A small collection of javascript test questions.
Starlight Arrival Schedule
Just in case you were wondering how long it would take to communicate with nearby stars...


People Plotter
A simple staffing system that lets you "paint" projects onto people.
Place your ideas on a graph, draw connections between them, and drag them around. This is an experiment in organization, and an attempt to "stretch" how we organize our ideas.
Books & Authors Blog
This is a very straightforward WordPress blog but I was proud of the fact that I had it styled and hosted within 24 hours.
Astrology Clock
An animated astrology chart. You can drag the planets around and the time will change to match. Planetary calculations come from NASA's Horizons system.
Goddard Scripts
This was built using MIT's Simile library, for a group of writers.


Lunar Logic
I started this company 11 years ago and then sold it last year. We built educational software for a large publishing company, and at our peak had 200 employees. Now it is a custom web development company.
Lunar Logic Polska
I started this company 5 years ago (and still own it). LLP is located in Krakow, Poland, and they specialize in agile Ruby web development. Of this company's recent creations, I particularly like our new Kanbana system.